One on One tutoring

Live classes on skype

Customised to students requirements

Online customised coaching for IB (International Baccalaureate)

One on One / Group classes for IB (International Baccalaureate)

We offer regular classes for IB students. We are teaching students from all across the globe

Classes are currently getting conducted online for students in Nigeria, Hong Kong, USA, Dubai, Germany and other countries

Customized one on one classes available

We provide online tutoring for all IB subjects including IB maths, IB physics, IB chemistry, IB Economics and IB business management. Our tutors are committed for excellence and they have provided best result all over globe.

We offer a platform where IB students from around the world can obtain access to skilled and knowledgeable tutors to aid in the long and daunting process of completing the IB Diploma Program. Our tutors are professional educators with years of classroom experience; many of whom have advanced degrees in their respective fields. We believe in equipping our students with the necessary skills to achieve success. Our students leave feeling more confident in their ability and more determined to accomplish their goals. While attending a live lesson in our virtual classroom, you will be able to video conference with your tutor, use an interactive whiteboard, shares files, and much more. We demand the very best from both our students and ourselves. Our tutors have worked extensively in the IB Diploma Program and understand the immense challenge students undertake in completing it. We offer customized instruction with unrivaled dedication toward the success of each and every student with whom we work.

Classes are currently conducted for following subjects at our institute:

  • IB Math HL/SL ( Classes twice a week for 1.5 hr each for the whole year by the owner)
  • IB Physics HL/SL (Classes twice a week for 1.5 hr each by Mrs Pratibha, Masters in Physics)
  • IB Chemistry HL/SL (Classes twice a week by Dr. Rahakrishnan, Phd in chemistry with 25+ yrs experience)
  • IB Spanish (Spanish classes by Abhijeet, expert Spanish tutor)
  • IB Economics / Business studies HL/SL (Classes by Mrs Nitika, Masters in economics)
  • IB Biology HL/SL (Classes by Mrs Arathi ,Masters in Biology)
  • IB Computers HL/SL (Classes by Mrs Shanta ,Masters in Computers)
  • IB Psychology HL/SL (Classes by Miss Rimjhim ,Masters in Psychology)

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