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Classes for SAT/ACT/AP/IB/IGCSE classes

Admission counselling for undergraduate students

College Admissions Counselling


  • Profile Building Techniques
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • College ‘Search’ &The ‘Right Fit’ for you- Online Sessions with the candidate
  • Participation in University Fairs & Student Wellness Guidelines
  • Essay writing, Letters of Recommendation and Resume Preparation
  • Guidance on Working at Documents
  • Thorough Application Reviews
  • Interview Preparation Tips

1. Profile Building Techniques

Student’s Profile building formalities will be discussed in detail with the help of brainstorming session to get to know his/her interest areas of study in a better way and all prerequisites which are necessary for filing an application to university abroad will be discussed. All details will be discussed and guidance will be given pertaining to Academics, Co-curricular &Extra-curricular activities, required eligibility tests like SAT, TOEFL, AP, IELTS etc. so that the strong points in the student’s profile which will help him to get admission can be uplifted.

2. Psychometric Assessments

Career assessments, simply put, are a set of tests, tools, or analyses that help a student understand how multiple traits like those of choices, likes & dislikes, personality, et cetera determine possible success and satisfaction with different career options, and varied work environments. The beauty of career assessments, is, that there are no right or wrong answers, there are just answers that sync best with you.

It is a guide to introspection, analysis and planning your own career. However, if the conclusions are not interpreted correctly, and accurately, you could end up making the wrong career choice. It is exactly here; that you would need to get in touch with a career counselor to explore various career possibilities that arise from your career assessment and we suggest students to get it done for in-depth clarity.

3. The College ‘Search’ & The ‘Right Fit’ for you

A customized list of 20 universities will be provided to the student which matches his/her profile out of which student can select 10-12 universities as per his/ her choice including the timeliness which states in which university one should apply early and in which university one needs not to apply early.

We are there to comprehend the requirement of class size, curriculum, geography and climate, faculty accessibility and mentor ship, research opportunities, the nature of the student body as well as many other factors.We make sure to adhere to the Admission Deadlines as we do understand how Financial Deadline is important for our student and in his life. All this is done after understanding the realistic expectations of the candidate and his/her family through online sessions.

4. Participation in University Fairs & Student Wellness Guidelines

Attending education fairs is a great first step in assessing your budget as well as the different options for financing your degree and we share those with you from time to time to meet your chosen university representatives for further clarifications.

As career is just one aspect of human wellness an wellness encompasses eight mutually interdependent dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, financial, and environmental. Attention must be given to all the dimensions, as neglect of any one over time will adversely affect the others, and ultimately one’s health, well-being, and quality of life. We provide it here through motivational talks for an enriched life.

5. Essay writing, Letters of Recommendation and Resume Preparation

Full guidance will be provided to the student to assist in College Application Essays, Statement of Purpose, suggestions on Letters of Recommendations and Resume Writing as they are the critical part of the application process which does wonders in your application as they reflect who you are, your motivation level and where you want to see yourself after several years. These are the only documents which make you stand out of the crowd and reflect your personality.
College essays play a vital role in the selective admissions process. Students may be required to write one or two essays, along with a few optional essays too.Common topics include career aspirations, strengths and weaknesses, skills, experiences, and reasons for considering a particular school.
Standardized test scores, your GPA and the rigor of your curriculum remain as pivotal pieces of your college application. But with so many students submitting test scores and grades at the highest level, which makes the admission process more competitive.

6. Guidance on ‘How’ to prepare the required documents

The documents which are required while filing your application to a university abroad has to be thoroughly organized like previous transcripts, LOR’s, SOP’s, Essays, Certificate of Language Proficiency, financial Documents etc. but how to prepare those documents in a rightful way is a critical part of the application as documents prepared in a wrong way or if they didn’t reach university on time can lead to the rejection of your Application as well. For the same we provide you the appropriate information on right time as you get ample time to generate required documents.

7. Application Review before Submission

Filling up and reviewing the application is as important as building your profile because if you have done tons of activities but you are not aware how to showcase it or how to present it to the university appropriately can ruin all your hard work. So, we will guide you accordingly and will assure that right things placed at right place.

8. Interview Preparation Tips

The college interview can make or break one’s case for admission to highly selective colleges, right? Interviews not only demonstrate your interest in a college, which can boost your acceptance odds, but you also gain a competitive edge over other applicants who opted not to do an interview. And we help you with its preparation through do’s and don’ts of interview skills..


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