Live Online Classes for IGCSE and A levels

Specialised tutors for IGCSE/A level subjects

Classes for all IGCSE Subjects by experienced IGCSE tutors

Live Online IGCSE/A levels classes

One on One / Group classes for IGCSE/ A levels

Quest For Success specializes in tutoring students for IGCSE & A level exams. We have students from various International schools across the world tutoring with us for IGCSE & A level Prep. All our faculties have prior work experience in teaching in an International school or are subject matter experts. The entire course is covered across 2 years by the tutors in depth. Lot of extra worksheets/assignments are provided to the students to cover different types of questions that are asked in the actual exam. Our Students mostly score a perfect A* in their IGCSE Examinations..

Our Classes are Live & Online either one on one or in a small group

We have specialised tutors for each subject who have prior experience in teaching IGCSE/ A levels. Majority of our students score a A or A* in the final IGCSE Exams.

Classes are currently conducted for following subjects at our institute:

  • IGCSE/ A level Math ( Classes by the owner)
  • IGCSE/ A level Physics (Faculty Mrs Deepa/ Miss Mamtha, Masters in Physics)
  • IGCSE/ A level Chemistry (Faculty Mrs Hemlata/ Ms Bhargavi, Masters in Chemistry)
  • IGCSE Spanish
  • IGCSE / A level Economics / Business studies (Classes by Mrs Surbhi/Mr Ashutosh, Masters in economics)
  • IGCSE/ A level Biology (Faculty Dr. Navneeta Malani)
  • IGCSE / A level Computers/ICT (Classes by Mrs Shanta ,Masters in Computers)
  • IGCSE French (Classes by Mrs Banerjee, Certified French Trainer)
  • IGCSE Accounts(Classes by CA Navneet Mohata)
  • IGCSE German (Classes by Mrs Avanti, Certified German Trainer)
  • IGCSE / A level English(Mrs Seja/ Mrs Simi , Masters in English)
  • IGCSE Geography by Ms Roshani (Masters in Geography)
  • IGCSE History by Dr Sabina ( Phd in History )
  • Our Faculties have years of experience in teaching the IGCSE Curriculum.With their expertise and experience they are able to deliver their lectures in a way most suitable for the student to grasp.