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UCAT is conducted for students who are keen to pursue programs in medicine in UK, Australia and New Zealand. The test assesses the mental abilities and behavioral attributes of candidates to evaluate how fit they will be as medical students and eventually doctors. These mental abilities include critical thinking as well as logical reasoning and inference.

Quest For Success offers highly successful preparatory courses for UCAT . By scoring well at the UCAT, students can ensure high chances of admission into prestigious medical and dental schools in UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The UKCAT has been re-launched under the new name of the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) to recognise that the test is now used in the admissions and selection processes of a growing number of international universities.

The UCAT will continue to be the largest medical admissions test in the UK, and will be used by 30 UK universities in selection for Medicine and Dentistry Degrees in 2019.

The adoption of the test by a Consortium of Medical and Dental Schools in Australia and New Zealand in 2019 is a major development, with an additional 15,000 candidates taking the test. As part of this development They are changing the name of the test from UKCAT to UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test).

Medicine in the UK (MBBS) is 5 Years of study

Out of the 34 UK Medical Schools, 27 require the UKCAT as part of the application process.

The UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) is the required admissions test for a range of Medical and Dental schools in the UK. Candidates can take this test only once a year, and the score is valid only to that specific academic year.
The UCAT does not test specific knowledge, but rather the cognitive abilities and ethical attitude expected of future doctors and dentists. It is a computer based test that takes 120 minutes to complete and consist of the following sections Verbal reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, Decision Making and Situational Judgment. Each of the first 4 sections is scored on a scaled score of 300 to 900, and the final score is achieved by adding the 4 scores together. The Situational Judgement sections is scored on a band from 1 to 4, with 1 representing the best score and 4 the lowest.
Success on the UCAT depends as much on already existing skills as on the ability to acquire new skills quickly and efficiently. It is not about knowledge or IQ, but about a specific way of thinking which can be learned through enough exposure and using the right strategy.

UKCAT Eligibility

  • The candidate must have completed 18 years of age at the time of entering the university.
  • The candidate must have passed class 12th examination.

Our Approach

  • Concept Building: A lot of emphasis is given on building the concepts.
  • Doubt Sessions :One on one doubt sessions are arranged with the faculties.
  • Periodic Tests: Biweekly tests are conducted on Sundays to keep track of students progress. Results are shared with the students and parents.
  • Small Groups: Helps in giving personalized attention to each child.
  • Study Materials: We give our own set of books/materials designed by our experienced team of faculties. The books covers detailed and in depth coverage of all topics asked in the UCAT exam.
  • Result Oriented Training: The aim is to get the best possible score for the student maximizing his/her potential.
  • Our faculties have years of experience in teaching the UCAT curriculum. With their expertise and experience they are able to deliver their lectures in a way most suitable for the student to grasp.