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IB tutoring (International Baccalaureate Diploma Classes)

We are tutoring students for IB Curriculum in various subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business, Computers, Psychology & Spanish.Each tutor is specialized in their field and have a lot of experience in teaching the IB Curriculum.

We are teaching IB subjects Online for students through Skype with whiteboard. We have students from all across the globe including places like USA, Germany, Netherlands, UAE, Nigeria, South Africa etc. With so much advancement in digital technology students can learn from the convenience of their homes. Classes are conducted by experienced IB tutors having in depth understanding of IB curriculum and rick experience in teaching the same.

Classes conducted by specialised IB tutors. Majority of our students score a 7/7 in the actual exam. Trial class available on request.

Worksheets, assignments are given for practice according to IB standards

Classes are currently conducted for following subjects :

  • IB Math (Classes by the owner)
  • IB Physics (Faculty Mrs Deepa/ Miss Mamatha (Masters in physics))
  • IB Chemistry (Faculty Mrs Hema, Masters in Chemistry)
  • IB Spanish
  • IB Economics / Business Management (Classes by Ms Surbhi & Mr Ashutosh, Masters in economics)
  • IB Biology (Classes by Dr. Navneeta Malani)
  • IB English (Classes by Mrs Simi & Swarnima, Masters in English)
  • IB Computers (Mrs Shanta ,Masters in Computers)
  • IB Psychology (Classes by Mrs Nisha ,Masters in Psychology)
  • IB Environmental studies (Mrs Banerjee, Phd Environmental Management)
  • IB French (Classes by Mrs Banerjee)
  • IB History & Geography(Mrs Roshani, Masters in History)

Our Approach

At Quest we have developed a standardized process , methodology to prepare our students for IB exam. We consistently strive towards improving our processes to deliver the Best IB Results all across the world.

  • Explaining the scope of the subject, brief description about the coursework.
  • Making of Study Plan
  • In depth learning in the class for each of the concepts
  • Each unit is followed by assignments/worksheets.
  • Doubt clarification discussion from worksheets and other assignment sheets.
  • Periodic tests to gauge the progress of the child